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skilling people

in Mortgage Industry?

It is a rare phenomenon for a Mortgage Professional to be interested in joining as Consultants, Trainer, Facilitators. Very few professionals can dream about moving from functional roles to training role.

Let me tell you, it is a satisfying job to touch human lives making them feel good about themselves by helping them with their ability to be a great mortgage professional in Indian market.

We are looking for professionals from the Indian mortgage industry to join our small band of passionate professionals to conduct skill development programs. Who is the right man for this job? The ideal candidate should have worked in the housing finance sector or bank in all the roles, more specifically in senior position with 7 to 8 years’ experience having worked in sales, credit or operations, product management or policy and risk profiles. Can be MBA, CA, or a graduate with long years of experience.

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It is important to have love for sharing knowledge, generate ideas and facilitate learners through an adult learning process making a difference in their lives.

How would you know that your effort has paid off? The law of karma is not difficult to understand. What you give, is what you get in abundance. The moment you see the spark in the eyes of the learner in the classroom, a call from the functional head about the transformation done by you or a call from the HR asking you to conduct the next program is all that will make you to dance.

All these leads to job satisfaction. The multiplier effect is unimaginable. One trained resource would touch 10 customers daily impacting their lives and top line & bottom-line of organization’s balance sheet. 

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