be the starting point of your career?

Every role is important for an organization. I see a huge resistance in getting into sales considering it is a field job.

The young folks need to read the book "My Life in full" written by Indra Nooyi, the ex-CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo. Two scenarios shared by her was very interesting to me from the perspective of having ears to the ground.

In her first job, she had to be in the field meeting all her customers before getting in product function

the second as a strategy head when she joined her CEO to visit retail outlets to understand how the product is being served and the customer experience. You need to read it.

But one should start from sales function as they come to know who the real boss is paying their salary. It is equally important to understand how the product is used by the

customer, their experience, and expectations. This can help an employee to understand their role in serving the ultimate needs of the customer.

Be open to sales role and moving-up the ladder can be comfortable.

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