Chaos in the Recruitment Market

in post Covid-2 environment

Don't outsell yourself in the job market? It is heartening to see jobs are pouring in every sector. LinkedIn pages are testimony to this fact. At the same time there are lot of people expressing the desire to shift or looking for a job. Is there a gap in the expectations of both the parties and the lull of 18 months is picking at frenzy pace. I presume the reasons for such a shakeout in the job market is because of higher income, position, or opportunity to work with start-ups, organizational culture, movement of top management, discomfort in the present job, performance, family issues. Whatever may be the reason, it is hara-kiri to jump for only salary or position.

Openings are dime a dozen for young lower management team members with 1- 5 years’ experience and mid-management. I find the requirements for freshers and senior management position are elusive. Why are freshers missing out an opportunity to strike out their career?

Recruitment in Satya Yug: Another interesting fact is that I find prospective candidates express their interest in the job or ask for a specific location right below the LinkedIn post without any fear of being noticed by seniors or HR team members. What a level of transparency? Looks like we have arrived in Satya Yug, at least at the recruitment stage. Sometimes, I wonder is it ignorance or it is a sign of frustration.

Thoughts to Ponder: While it is individual's choice to shift organization, taking a risk for only increase in salary can be game of dice. The organization's pressure for performance is only going to double. Shift organizations whether they are small or big for the organization's mission and its impact on the society. This will have long time impact on the bottom line of the organization and also in your earnings. Like a good stock market player, be the contrarian employee with long-term view.

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