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The weekly learnings: Durga Pooja Celebrations and the opportunity for leads at exhibitions.

The weekend has been interesting with visit to some of the Durga Pooja Pandals in Thane city. It reminded me of childhood days stay at Kolkata and Khargpur.

As a Facilitator for Sales Role in housing finance sector, I get attracted to the process adopted at the stalls in these exhibitions by BFSI players. Saw a stark difference, while the exhibitions have onsite standees from banks promoting home loans with zero fees, you do not see any sales professional or their business partners using this opportunity for lead generation. Probably they are clear that these are more for brand building and not for business originations.

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Secondly, the players who have put-up stalls had differences that cannot go unnoticed. While the insurance players from the private sector had a team talking to guests and actively taking leads, the stall of the insurance players promoted by leading banks was empty. Is it the reason for the banks and PSU insurance players not able to reach out to the last mile and using the NBFCs and HFCs as distribution arm in co-lending? Good for NBFCs and HFCs but imagine if these banks behave like private sector it can be serious competition. Happy to hear your comments.

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