Two ends of the bridge in

recruitment of Skilled Manpower

for BFSI sector

At the one end of the bridge, you have the “FIs asking a question “Can you get me skilled manpower?” and on the other side of the bridge the Prospective Employees are asking “Can you first give me a job to work with a great FIs?”

If you are a Bank, NBFCs, HFCS, MFIs or Insurance company looking for Skilled Manpower then your answer is here. Enjoy the Amrut.

Now, we have taken the mission to provide one lakh skilled professionals to the industry. We invite FIs to join us in this mission.

Happy to share that we have 439 prospective candidates registered for “Certified Mortgage Professional” program offered by our online platform Virtuoskill ( We are India’s first digital platform offering an online certification program of 25 hours of self-paced learning and 08 hours of virtual classroom session to be completed within 30 days as challenge round.

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Having worked for now more than 35 years in the industry, one thing that has not changed and that is the constant need for skilled manpower. As a Business Manager with GRUH and as a National Head for Functional Training with Risk and Policy team of mortgage business with ICICI Bank, I have seen Organizations have only one question, “Can you give us skilled manpower”?

Since the inception of our company in 2010 and now in the digital avatar of VIRTUOSKILL (, we have skilled close to 8000 professionals with more than 90,000 manhours of training in sales, credit, operations, technical, legal and collections background in housing finance sector.

Our mission is a larger realisable vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to skill Indian youth that can be the wheels of change contributing to $5 trillion dollar economy.

To know more about it write to We look forward to having a discussion with skill development authorities, Regulatory Authorities in the BFSI sector, Central and state skill development boards, Financial Institutions in BFSI, Colleges of Excellence, PE or Angel investors interested to know what we plan do in the digital space to scale the manpower needs of the industry.

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