Which agencies have critical role

to play in Housing Finance

DSAs, Connectors, Valuation Consultants, Legal Consultants, FCU and Collection agencies have critical role to play in Housing Finance. Virtuoskill would like to support their entrepreneurial instincts for a building a strong eco-system.

If you are one of them let us connect on Virtuoskill. If you are a Professional from the housing finance sector working in a bank, NBFCs, HFCs, here is your lifetime opportunity to give them a gift to grow by connecting them to Virtuoskill Platform. This can be your greatest selfless service. You don't need to spend money but just support them to establish this network with Virtuoskill. NETWORK IS NET-WORTH. What you give comes back to you in multiples.

Traditionally DSAs was very foreign bank culture. Now, it is established channel for every organization in India. However, for a few large format National DSAs, it continues to be one man or small army of foot soldiers. Few of them are from Sales and Credit background with specialization in LAP or Affordable based on their background. They owners need coaches. The team and some of the younger ones need basic skill development. They are like your OEM suppliers in manufacturing. If you are a channel manager or business head it is time for you to think of investing in this resources.

While Valuation and Legal consultants come with a strong knowledge and on the job skills , they are definitely fighting on the people front to grow with constant churn of freshers being nibbled by large players in the industry.

Let us not complain about the eco-system. Let us extend hand to build it. Virtuoskill would like to be the platform to nurture this relationship on a strong foundation of skill development. Connect them to us by sharing our email info@virtuoskill.com or you can connect for your organizational initiatives with subject heading Network is net-worth. Or just share their coordinates email and mobile number of owners and teams, we will call them on your behalf and share the goodies that you want them to enjoy in their professional life.

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